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Prepare to be wowed as Mzansi Wethu premieres one of its most daring productions yet – KwaNjomane from 15 July at 20:30. This 13-part reality show is set to ignite passions, challenge conventions and captivate audiences with its enthralling exploration of love, taboo lives, and extraordinary spiritual encounters.

Building on the channel’s success of telling authentic and thought-provoking stories, KwaNjomane will showcase a unique family with an unconventional lifestyle.

Each episode will follow the lives of the Mhlongo’s, led by the Matriarch Smangele Mhlongo alongside her children and sister, who have long been stigmatised by their community due to their perceived taboo way of living. This extraordinary family believes in challenging societal norms and seeking answers while navigating the universal quest for love.

Smangele Mhlongo, the leader of the family, is a strong and independent Gobela, whom, together with her children, embarks on a journey that explores their sexuality, their spiritual encounters and uncovers universal truths about life. Secrets, lies, reconciliation and laughter are woven into their narrative, all while they confront the complexities of their desire for love.

Shirley Adonisi, the Director for Local Entertainment Channels at M-Net, says: “KwaNjomane is a ground-breaking reality show that will challenge viewers’ perceptions of what it means to be a family. This reality series which pushes the boundaries of storytelling, will provoke thought and spark conversations. As a channel, we believe in the power of inclusive representation and thought-provoking content to capture viewers and foster understanding.”

She adds: “Through the unusual lives of the Mhlongo family, we hope the show will challenge preconceived notions and inspire audiences. DStv subscribers should get ready for a gripping journey that will leave you questioning societal norms and yearning for more.”

Meet some of the Mhlongo family members

  • Sibonelo “Chicken” Mhlongo: Smangele’s second-born son, Sibonelo is a gay man who struggles with self-acceptance. He has been rejected by his extended family, and he is trying to find his place in the world. Sibonelo is manages the family’s social media page and hopes to use the platform to raise awareness about LGBTQ+ issues.
  • Hlengiwe MaMhlongo Ngubane: Smangele’s older sister, Hlengiwe is a devout Christian and a single mother who is trying to raise her children to be good people but faces struggles like most single mothers. Over and above this, she is trying to come to terms with some devastating news and we follow her journey to deal and uncover the truth.

Tune in from Saturday 15 July at 20:30 to Mzansi Wethu and experience the astonishing lives of the Mhlongo family, as they search for love in a world where their uniqueness sets them apart.

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