For students to excel in their educational journey, a solid foundation in early childcare development and the foundational phase of their schooling, Grade 000 to Grade 7, is crucial. What is early childcare development? Early childcare development (ECD) is more than playing with friends and colouring-in. It is a student’sContinue Reading

Creating generational wealth is not an easy feat, which often takes sacrifice, discipline and most importantly a well-crafted financial plan that needs to include the right life insurance protection for your life stage. Going UpThe concept of generational wealth has seen somewhat of a rise in popularity in recent history,Continue Reading

Immunotherapy medication offers more treatment options for more cancers – New immunotherapy treatment covers a range of cancer indications   Worldwide cancer is the second leading cause of death with around one in six deaths due to cancer.1 In 2018, approximately 9.6 million people died due to cancer.1 In South Africa, theContinue Reading

When the outside world is a no-go zone, South African women who have FOGO (Fear of Going Out) make a plan to keep themselves occupied and boredom at bay. In fact, according to recent research conducted by 1st for Women Insurance, 100% of the women surveyed took up a new hobbyContinue Reading

Despite the horrible COVID-19 pandemic, people still have new year’s resolutions to keep fit, eat well, and achieve their goals. Many people are hitting the track to distress and to get a clear mind. If you are running alone and need some safety tips, look no further. Remember to wearContinue Reading

Five easy ways to teach yours to be a money whizz Online games – Roblox and Fortnite – topped the pocket money spending charts between April and July, according to RoosterMoney’s quarterly survey of 24,000 young UK savers. While this points to a move towards online interaction during the Covid-19Continue Reading

The COVID-19 pandemic took a toll on many people whether health, employment, mentally or changed ones routine. Zimbini Madikwa (40) lost her job as Personal Assistant after being retrenched due to the pandemic. But instead of being sad, Zimbini saw her job loss as a blessing in disguise. The singleContinue Reading

Many livelihoods have been threatened by the Covid-19 pandemic, employers and employees have to tap into other resources in order to secure their financial well-being; and things like good old fashion stokvels have always worked well in the past. First introduced to consumers at a virtual launch on 20 AugustContinue Reading