If you had to describe SinChui designs, the words quirky and futuristic would undoubtedly pop up. The 29-year-old Robyn Agulhas, a go-getter from Goodwood, Cape Town birthed the innovation-driven, high fashion streetwear brand in 2019, in perfect time to earn her a seat at the table as one of theContinue Reading

The art of storytelling through moving one’s body is a marvel to watch as it commands your attention. The City of Johannesburg’s  Arts, Culture and Heritage Department in association with Joburg Theatre and Vuyani Dance Theatre present Gregory Maqoma’s Cion: Requiem of Ravel’s Bolero; A Production that not only embodiesContinue Reading

Botho Project Space is an artist-run visual arts space that encourages artistic freedom and experimentation because owning creative value orchestrates an unlimited future together with unlimited creative. The space aims to represent an interconnection of independence and isolation, stemming from all of civilisation being separated from others during the pandemic.Continue Reading