Over the years, television and radio personality Rozanne McKenzie has put her skin through a lot. As a media personality, using make-up has become a part of her every day job as a result, Rozanne has to do whatever it takes to ensure her skin remains at its best. During winter, the importance of looking after one’s skin is even more important as the dry weather has an immense effect on skin.

The Jacaranda FM radio presenter, who is on air every weekday between 12pm – 4pm on the radio station, understands the importance of giving your skin some extra TLC during winter and shares some tips on how she keeps her skin looking rejuvenated during this time. “I am not a skincare expert or an aesthetician,” she says. “But these simple tips work to keep my skin healthy. I also don’t have any skin conditions that may make it more difficult to benefit from these tips.”

Don’t underestimate the power of water

The most important skincare tip for me is to keep my skin hydrated and I do this by drinking water. I drink two and a half to three litres of water every day.  Water works from the inside out and if your body is dehydrated, your skin looks and feels hydrated too. I think before even thinking of starting to find the right products for your skin, make sure you’re getting enough water. Drinking enough water is difficult enough in summer for many people, but the cold winter weather makes it harder. Winter is exactly when my skin needs the most moisture, so I would say drink room temperature water or keep a bottle with you and keep an eye on the level, so you know exactly how much water you still need to drink for the day to have had enough. 

Sunscreen makes a massive difference

Wearing sunscreen daily is so important, even when the weather isn’t great or when you think you’ll be indoors all day anyway. I used to get dark marks and pigmentation and sun damage can make that even worse. A moisturizer with a good high SPF is a good idea – even during the dry winter months. By using this, you’re killing two birds with one stone and have protection from the sun without the extra step of having to still put sunscreen over your moisturizer. 

Understand what your skin needs from a product

It’s important to find a range of products that is compatible with the specific needs of your skin. Remember, our skin changes all the time, especially with age, so you may need totally different products in your 30’s than you did in your 20’s. Personally, I am big fan of the Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Range. This range is specifically formulated to work on dark marks and pigmentation and I have had such great results in the years that I’ve been using it. I also find in winter, my skin gets quite dull, so I’ve started using a Daily Retinol Serum from Kiehl’s as well. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on skincare products, but you do have to be consistent with how you look after your skin.

Spoil yourself with treatments every once in a while

I have been lucky enough to work with the team at DoPro Healthcare to indulge in a few treatments for my skin. I have recently done Secret RF, which is radio frequency micro-needling on my face. I have also done some laser genesis. These treatments really work to stimulate the production of collagen, resurface some areas that need it and reduces the appearance of scars. The most important thing, I think, with any kind of aesthetics treatment is to find reputable practitioners that know what is best for your skin and can perform the treatments well.

Never go to bed with your makeup on – ever! 

Make sure you never go to bed with makeup on. No one is perfect, let alone me, but this is something I swear by! Removing your makeup means the next day you can wake up with a fresh face. The makeup can dry your skin out overnight and when I’ve slept with my makeup on in the past, I’ve always had a breakout soon after. I learned my lesson and I now take my makeup off before bed no matter what. It’s a non-negotiable.

Catch Rozanne McKenzie live every weekday between 12pm and 4pm on Jacaranda FM.
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