by Cece Smith

Youth Day is one of the most paramount days in South Africa. 

On this day in 1976, the youth of South Africa gathered and marched peacefully to demonstrate and protest against the government’s directive to gather at Orlando Stadium in Soweto. 

On their pathway they were met by heavily armed police who fired teargas and later live ammunition on demonstrating students. 
This resulted in a widespread revolt that turned into an uprising against the government. 
 Events that triggered the uprising date back to 1953 after the Bantu Education Act policies were introduced. 
While the uprising began in Soweto, it spread across the country and carried on until the following year. 
Today, 44 years later South Africans still mourn this day.  
Loot Love shares a poster with the names of some of the youth in the Soweto uprising on June 16 1976.

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Bongani Fassie shares a picture of Hector Pieterson being carried by Mbuyisa Makubo. His sister, Antoinette Sithole next to them, taken by late photographer Sam Nzima.

Amanda and Viva to all #YouthDay

— Bongani Fassie (@IamBONGZ) June 16, 2020

Tbo Touch shares a video of Mariam Makeba and Hugh Masekela performing Soweto Blues inspired by the African Consciousness Movement and Student of 1976.

Zahara dedicates her song Mthwalo Wam to the thousands of students in Soweto uprising who protested against Bantu education in 1976.


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