His gravesite is a great part of South African history. The gravesite of Black Consciousness Movement founder Steve Biko has been vandalised and defaced.

Steve Biko was arrested four times over two years and was held without trial for months at a time. On August 18, 1977, he and a fellow activist were seized at a roadblock and jailed in Gqeberha.  Biko was found naked and shackled outside a hospital in Tshwane on September 11 and died the next day of a massive brain hemorrhage after killed by security police. The memorial of the struggle hero was erected and unveiled in 2017, under Buffalo City municipality in the Eastern Cape. 

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The tombstone has since been vandalised and the bronze fists removed. Community members who don’t wish to be named say, they did not notice. “There are people who clean the grave site, but we did not notice until one man passing said something. The site hardly gets visited by anyone, so it was not obvious for us to spot.” Members of  Azapo have since asked the police to intervene and investigate what might have happened. “It could have been stolen, the bad weather could have been the cause.

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In 2022, it was reported that Biko’s statue which stands in front of the East London City Hall in the Eastern Cape has been defaced. The statue was erected to commemorate Biko’s contribution to the anti-apartheid struggle and was unveiled in the city in 1997. The statue was vandalised twice in two years. The first time it was defaced with white paint which the Municipality cleaned up, and the second time was blue paint with the name Osama written under Biko’s name. The statue was also used by some men as a urinal. There were some big names that put money behind that statue to get it erected, such as Richard Attenborough, Kevin Kline, Richard Branson and Denzel Washington, among others.

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