Ukhozi FM presenter Zimiphi “Zimdollar” Biyela wants maskandi artist M Mthandeni “Igcokama Elisha” Manqeleto pay her R1.5 million for allegedly defaming her.

This comes after a mic-grabbing incident that happened between the two at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban in KwaZulu Natal recently.

Zimdollar snatched the microphone from Mthandeni as he is about to start performing saying, to ‘voets*k!’. She later explained what had transpired on the day. “Mthandeni was booked and paid to perform at the event. He arrived late, and it was the turn of the top 30 artists in the competition to perform. He missed his turn and there was no more time, so he can go and we will not request a refund,” she said. “He pretended to be leaving with his team, then jumped on stage.”

The Paris hitmaker responded saying, “I would like to apologise on behalf of Zimdollar to the Red Nations (His followers), music fans, sponsors and South Africa at large,” he said. “Zimdollar does not hate me, and I don’t hate her. Ngiyasazi isinqa engijwayele ukusishaya ebumnyameni, futhi angeke ngisiphaphele phambi kwabantu. Ngizophinde ngishaye futhi khona ebumnyameni. (I have done things with her in the dark, and I will do them again).

Since the claims has handed Mthandeni a letter of demand ordering him to apologise in public for implying they have slept together. She wants him to publicly apologise within 30 days and failure to comply could result in legal action amounting to R1,5 million. According to Zimdollar, the utterances have caused serious reputational damage, and this is his change to repair the pending damage. Mthandeni tells Buzz Life News that, what he said is a metaphor for her fighting dirty. “It’s an isiZulu metaphor. I never said I slept wither. It’s up to people to interpret what I said in their own matter.

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