The year 2021 has been full of Twitter wars and ‘beefs.’
One person who has made headlines for having no holds barred is Nkazimulo “Nota” Baloyi who has made a few enemies for his razor sharp tongue.

Rapper and businessman, Refiloe “Cassper Nyovest” Phoolo has advised that men, especially Nota put therapy in their list of things to do in 2022.
“2022 we try therapy gents ? Some people aren’t grand here and they taking out their misery on other people’s kids. Bo, Nota so, zama di pilisi ntja. (People like Nota, need to try medication).”

Cassper had previously blamed Nota’s fans for enabling him to be a “monster.”
“Y’all created this monster. Disrespectful, delusional and disgusting,” he said.”
Y’all tweeting “Nota appreciation tweet” cause he throwing shade on the ones yall hated in private. Look now. Sa hip hop. Your leaders. How can one stoop this low ? This man is not okay upstairs, trust me.”

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Earlier in 2021, Nota had a fallout with producer Zoocci Coke Dope who he told him to remove the yoghurt on his face before speaking to him, referring to his vitiligo. He later took to Instagram on Wednesday to apologise to Zoocci and claimed that he had accepted the apology, which Zoocci denied.

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Cassper and Zooci Coke Dope are not the only people who have had a fallout with Nota.

He and Stogie T had a physical altercation earlier this year at an event and Nota claimed to have beat up Stogie yet video footage shows him being carried by security out of the venue. Stogie said, “Yesterday at an event touted as bringing hip-hop together for the love of the culture, I was minding my own business when Nota encroached my section. I interpreted this as a provocation and gestured for him to leave and an unfortunate fracas ensued. I regret that it had to get to all that and I would like to extend my deepest apologies to my wife, my family, my church, and the hip-hop community.”

Nota was also called out by Nasty C after he said he was responsible for making him start rapping in isiZulu.
Nasty C responded saying, “Lmao, aye junkie, stay off Twitter. What fuckn nonsense is this?? Who let you think you’re that important.”

He was also forced to make a public apology to Siyabonga “Slikour” Metane after the defamatory insults during his interview on Everything SA Music.
“I Nota, unequivocally apologise to Slikour for the false allegations and offensive insults made during my interview on @everythingsamusic’s Instagram account entitled #Nota attacks #Slikour. I acknowledge that the false accusations I made were not based on facts and were extremely hurtful. I apologise unreservedly for any harm caused to Slikour as a result of insulting utterances,” read Nota’s apology.

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He accused Kwesta of allegedly lying to Neo Makwa who he previously worked with. This is after Makwa went on a LIVE Instagram accusing Nota and Kwesta of ripping him off after he produced the hit single Ngud’.
“Makwa needs therapy and guidance. He won’t get it from me. He must show documentation proving his money has been stolen. Kwesta has admitted that Urbantainment paid him his royalties and that he wasn’t blocked for using the official artist page on YouTube. I demand an apology!”