Million Nites which combines two languages – Igbo (AfroTherapist) and IsiZulu (Ihhashi Elimhlophe), and two dominating genres – Maskandi and Afrobeats, is the first song with these two unique elements included by the world’s biggest music streaming platform Spotify on their editorial playlist Afro Indie. An achievement unheard of for a new and unknown artist of Igbo descent. 

Ihhashi Elimhlophe is a legend and an immensely experienced musician. The distinct guitar, plus his distinct voice just makes the song sounds unique. It will go down in music history as one of the best collaborations with two unique artists combining two unrelated different genres to ever come out of South Africa.

Million Nites is leading AfroTherapist’s newly released album titled Love and Afrobeat This album celebrates love in its purest form without sounding corny. Love and Afrobeat is a celebration of African cultures, music, and lifestyle. XiTsonga love songs maestro Malamulele born and raised South African Music Awards 27th edition nominee Henny C landed his crisp vocals on Starting Something. 

Other notable musicians featured on Love and Afrobeat include Kalifornia Black and Nigerian award-winning artist Nonny D – known for his feature with Candy Tsamandebele on Xitsonga love song Siku ne Siku.

Love and Afrobeat produced by multi-hyphenate Dr Frank who is the producer of the new single Ekaya by Candy Tsamandebele with Nhlanhla of Mafikizolo is available on all music streaming platforms. 

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