Mr Smeg goes back to his real name, he talks about the challenges of dating and shares what went down at his dinner date with Lasizwe.

Last week, Twitter sensation Michael Mncedi Bucwa, 36, fondly known as Mr changed his name to Lasmeg. His followers speculated that the name change was inspired by a dinner date he had initiated with YouTube sensation Lasizwe Dambuza, 22, and this led him join parts of Lasizwe’s name with his nickname.
Mr Smeg comes clean to Buzz Life News and admits the name change was indeed inspired by the reality star.
“Everyone knows I am fond of Lasizwe, he is a good person. I respect and admire him even if he is younger than me,” he says.

The Port Elizabeth-born qualified electrical engineer has however decided to go back to his original name of Mr Smeg.
“The name Lasmeg was not supposed to be fun and playful. But some people started trolling Lasizwe and bullying him and I didn’t take kindly to that, so I changed it back today,” he says. 
“I am really not a fan of bullying and anything that involves hurting others is no longer fun for me.”

Since their date, Lasiswe and Mr Smeg have not really kept in touch. 
“He rejected my offer for a second date. I was cut up about it, but I understand, and respected his space.”  
Mr Smeg says meeting Lasizwe was a special moment, and he wouldn’t want to spoil the memory of the day because of Twitter trolls.

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On the date, Mr Smeg says he did most of the talking because he wanted Lasizwe to know the kind of person he is and what he was all about.
“I may seem like I’m silly, but I know what I am doing.” 
Lasizwe quizzed him about his dating experiences and his challenges.
“I was honest that since I started with the Mr Smeg character; I have been unlucky in the dating game,” he says.
Since he and his kettle became Twitter famous, he has lost three serious relationships. 
“The first lady I was dating broke up with me because I became popular in the LGBTQI+ community, and rumours were going around about my sexuality,” he says. 
He attempted dating again in December, but that was also an epic failure.
“The second lady did not know about Mr Smeg, but when she found out, she gave me an ultimatum to go off Twitter or lose her. I chose Twitter, I’m afraid.”
His last relationship was fun until after valentine’s day when things went sour.
“I think she was under a lot of pressure because there were people who found the Mr Smeg character attractive and she couldn’t keep up; so, she ghosted me,” Mr Smeg says.
Now single with his kettle, Mr Smeg is still hoping to one day find love again.