CHIETA CEO, Yershen Pillay.

On the 28th of April 2021, the University of Johannesburg in partnership with Chemin will host their programme sponsor, CHIETA, at Chemin’s head office in Modderfontein.

The event will include the tour of the production facility, introduction of the programme beneficiaries as well as exhibition by the beneficiaries. The Chemical Industries Education and Training Authority (CHIETA) has partnered with the Johannesburg Business School Centre of Entrepreneurship (JBSCE) to implement Small Business Enrichment Programme (SBEP) to develop small businesses in the chemicals manufacturing sector. 

The SBEP, focuses on speciality and commodity chemicals, with a keen focus on black female entrepreneurs who are in the start-up phase of their chemical businesses. 

The project has been implemented in the Gauteng area, with a critical focus on, the Greater Johannesburg area, Modderfontein as well as Soweto and Orange Farm.

The programme aims to stimulate the significant growth required in the chemical manufacturing sector, to match the growing market demand. To initiate this programme which is targeted at small businesses, JBSCE received a discretionary grant from the CHIETA. 

The Small Business Enrichment Programme implemented by JBSCE encompasses: 
• Sector Specific Incubation and Infrastructure Support,
• Business Training (Small Business Enrichment Programme), 
• Technical Training blended with Quality and Productive Management Programme (Short Learning Programme), 
• Access to Market Support and 
• Business Support Services which include advisory, coaching and mentorship for beneficiaries in the chemical industry. 
The South African chemicals sector contributes 6% to the GDP and 25% to the manufacturing industry, with revenue above $35.1billion, making South Africa the biggest chemicals market. 

However, the sector currently comprises of predominantly medium and large enterprises with limited representation from small/micro-enterprises.
“Even though 54% of South Africa’s entrepreneurial activity is made up of small to medium enterprises, the chemical sector has largely been marginalised, which makes urgent and targeted interventions of critical importance in the next decade,” says Yershen Pillay, CHIETA CEO.
Through the CHIETA Small Business Programme (a strategic partnership between the CHIETA, JBSCE and Chemin Incubator) the education and training authority has been addressing the chemicals sector’s various challenges by availing access to market opportunities which has enhanced the growth of chemicals manufacturing SMMEs. 

 Throughout the CHIETA Small Business Enrichment Programme, SMMEs are provided with chemicals manufacturing and product testing skills, business skills and traction coach management. In addition, the programme has been aligned with the Department of Trade and Industry’s Policy Action Plan (IPAP) to create access to markets that can sustain the growth of the SMMEs. 

Overall, the programme has provided SMMEs in the chemicals manufacturing sector with structured advisory, mentorship and coaching support. More importantly, we have established and cemented relevant partnerships within the sector to create a framework that unlocks business opportunities for SMMEs in both national and international markets.