In February, actress and singer Sibu Jili announced her second pregnancy. At 32 weeks, Sibu told Buzz Life News that it took a few years to try and have another baby after doctors diagnosed her with a rare complication and told, she would not be able to carry a baby full term.
A happy and grateful Sibu was able to carry her baby full term with extra monitoring and checks.

Taking to social media, The Queen actress shared the great news of the arrival of her baby.
“After 10 years of waiting for you , you come with cooling showers of rain and the house has been filled with the flutter of butterflies; the entire house is at a stand still as we’ve all gather around your cot taking pic, taking turns to hold your tiny, cute, chubby body. (We should call ausie though, 🤭) we are extremely grateful for your safe arrival my LionCub,” she wrote.