Actress and Singer Sibu Jili pregnant with her second child.

In an exclusive reveal; The Queen actress shared that she is 32-week pregnant with her second child. “I am so excited to be a mom of two.”
“It’s been very difficult keeping it a secret and I am just relieved to be sharing the news,” she tells Buzz Life News.

Showing off her baby bump in a photoshoot, Sibu has had complications in her previous pregnancies and this time around, it has been easier.
“A few years ago, I lost my baby due to a rare complication that happened five months into my pregnancy,” she says.
After losing the baby, she was told by doctors she might not be able to carry a child for the full term.
“With my five-year-old son; I gave birth to him at seven months due to the same condition but he survived, and he is as fit as a fiddle, thank goodness.”

Actress and Singer Sibu Jili Pictures: Ray Manzana
Actress and Singer Sibu Jili Pictures: Ray Manzana

Happy to be a mom again, Sibu says, reaching 32 weeks is a milestone.
“I am so happy to have made it this far with this baby. I’ve had to be very cautious and go for regular checks and make sure I do not take up strenuous activities.”

Currently on maternity leave and taking time out to relax; Sibu says she can’t wait to hold her bundle of joy in her hands.
“I love kids, I love being a mother, and my son can’t wait to have someone to play with,” she says.

She can’t as yet reveal the gender of the child and the mystery man in her life, but says only time will tell.
“I am still enjoying my man privately, but when the time is right he everyone will get to meet him,” she says.