Gudani Mashiyan and Vivienne Bryant talking things through

Saving our Marriage, the intervention reality show returns for a second season from Wednesday, 6th January 2021 at 19H30 on SABC 3.

Saving our marriage is a marriage coaching programme featuring couples who are facing struggles within their relationships. The show’s marriage experts Paul Nyamuda and Ilse Alberts are there to provide the much needed therapy and give them new perspectives on marriage, and each other.

The journey will not be easy; there are many challenges along the way. There will be arguments and outbursts during the process of couples therapy, but marriage is worth the sacrifice. In the end, love and commitment will decide if the couples will be able to save their marriages.

Paul and Maria Satori‘s intervention
Married couple Asanda and Mahlodi Nameko

Meet the Experts

Ilse Alberts

Ilze is a life strategist and international educator on strategies to a beautiful life. Her work is to show you how to build your personal well-being, financial position, and family relationships. She’s dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be. She has more than 30 years of experience as a qualified Psychologist, and is also a Master Demartini Facilitator. She loves life, and she’s looking forward to assisting families in creating a beautiful life. She has assisted thousands of families and family members to overcome obstacles, challenges, and pains that prevent them from living a beautiful life.She  has walked the walk and talked the talk. She knows what a divorce feels like, the pain of losing a husband to death and being the mother in a hybrid family. Not only does she have more than 30 years’ experience in psychology but she has dedicated her life to building her powerful family. She believes every family can be a powerful family, irrespective of the family dynamics.

Paul Nyamuda

Paul is an organisational psychologist by training and a leadership and emotional intelligence expert, pastor, author and international speaker. Widely known for his leadership and emotional intelligence expertise: expertise that will encourage you and, at the same time, challenge you. Paul has spent years doing power talks, corporate training, executive coaching, family interventions and equipping his audiences to succeed and build thriving teams. “Transform Your Thinking” is a phrase he firmly believes in and lives out daily in his life. He inspires leaders across the globe to think beyond their limitations and overcome challenges that seem impossible.

Themes that Saving our Marriage will address include family, marriage, finances and conflict resolution.

Meet the couples

Asanda and Mahlodi Nameko

•          Asanda(35) and Mahlodi(30)

•          Couple Reside in Riverlea

•          Asanda is unemployed

•          Mahlodi is employed (works for FNB)

•          They have two children

Wife lost respect for husband and husband feels his wife is too strict and needs to let go a bit. Mahlodi has a big problem with her husband’s drinking.

Paul and Maria Satori

•          Paul 39 and Maria 38

•          Couple resides in Roodepoort

•          They don’t have kids together

•          Paul is self-employed (Handyman), Maria was unemployed during the time    we shot the show, but she has manage to find a job.

Maria feels like her husband is no longer attracted to her and she is ready to leave the marriage. Paul feels like he can’t do anything to please his wife and he fears he might lose her.

Thabang and Nonhlanhla Sekgaphane

•          Thabang 36 and Nonhlanhla 34

•          Couple resides in Vaal, Sebokeng

•          They have three kids (two boys and one girl)

•          They are both unemployed

The wife feels their marriage is boring and they need to find ways to spice it up. Thabang feels they are comfortable but there is more they can achieve as a couple.

Gudani Mashiyan and Vivienne Bryant

•          Gudani 30 and Vivienne 28

•          Gudani lives in Sandton and Vivienne lives in Alexander

•          They both have sons from previous relationships but no child together

•          Gudani is a graphic designer and Vivienne is a nail technician.

The couple got engaged during the lockdown, and they feel they want therapy so they can be ready for their marriage. They need help in knowing how to communicate with each other.