SbuNoah, known for his uplifting, touching and moving music, has released his latest single, “Golathi” from his upcoming album titled “Heavenly Psalms.”

“Heavenly Psalms” follows the theme of SbuNoah’s first album ‘A David Kind Of Psalms’ the beloved gospel star shares the breakdown of the album; ‘I grew up in the church and so hymns are part of what moulded my music interest as they are singalong’s that most people resonate with. The book of psalms also influences my song writing a lot and so even with compositions, you’ll actually recognise the similarities between them and ‘amahubo’ that we grew up singing. So the psalms part represents the style of writing as well as the captivating melody with hooks that keep the songs in the minds and hearts of my amazing fans.

The ‘Heavenly’ part is probably the most interesting part. With every project, it becomes important for us to pray and inquire from God which direction one should take. The Bible talks about angels God created to worship and while praying for this project I was challenged to say, “if God created angels for worship, why would God leave that kind of splendour and come listen to our worship?” And the answer was “Heavenly worship”, so I wanted to create an album that interpret what kind of worship God experiences in heaven, with emphasize being on the lyrics and melodies; so we created psalms that are heavenly – influenced, hence “Heavenly Psalms.” So this album is our interpretation of the psalms and hymns being sung in heavenly places.’


After releasing the lead single ‘Hlala Nami Jesu’ which served as a heartfelt plea for divine presence and guidance amid life’s challenges. Through stirring vocals and emotive melodies, SbuNoah conveys a message of hope and comfort, reminding listeners that even in the darkest moments, God is always by their side.

“Even though the song is a prayer to God to walk with us; I’d like them to take away exactly that message, that God will be with you always! There are many verse where God says “… and behold, I am with you!” As they listen to this song and pray while singing along, I hope they’ll feel the warmth of God’s embrace and assurance that no matter what they go through, God is always with them, and will be with them till the end of time!” SbuNoah shares the messaging in the single.

Get ready to be uplifted with SbuNoah’s unmistakable voice and heartfelt lyrics. You are invited on a spiritual journey, reminding us of the enduring power of love and redemption. Whether you’re a devoted fan or new to his music, this album promises to touch your heart and lift your spirits!

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