Gospel singer Phumulani “Bucy” Radebe and manager husband and politician Thapelo Thoboke have come forward to dispel any rumours of having trouble in their marriage.

It was recently reported by City Press, that the Gcina Impilo Yami singer and her husband of 10 years were headed for separation due to complications in the marriage.

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The article was sparked by a WhatsApp status posted by the singer saying, “Officially a single lady” and “If it’s not meant to be, then myeke (leave them)”. The singer went on to post, “Also, be ready to see disturbing things that I have done and have been recorded, so the possibilities of not seeing me on stage again are very high. Goodbye.” Although the husband said he is not in control of what Bucy posts, they are still married. Bucy also revealed that although they are still good, she also said on the status updates that she will not be taking any bookings for gigs until 2025.”

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Busy has come forward to clarify what she meant in the posts. “Some people saved on my phone decided to make news out of my harmless Whatsapp statuses,” she said. “We had less than 100 people at our traditional wedding three years ago, simply because we don’t involve the public in our private lives and marriage.” Bucy went on to say, “I am sure this source was not even among those less than 100, but he/she knows a lot that we don’t know. We remain a solid couple, no gossiper or journalist will break us.  We are always ready for these kinds of attempts.” 

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