His rise to fame was unexpected. It started with a few videos of him dancing, which were posted by friends. Then videos of him kissing several girls after allegedly winning a Lum sum of money. Skomota, real name Thabang Sefala (22) became a household name overnight, and people even mimicked his dance move, which has since gone viral across the world, due to Tik Tok Skomota is said to have been scammed by his manager. The viral sensation has since been booked to make appearances at gigs, parties, award ceremonies, and nightclubs. According to his road manager Skhothane Sa Pitori, he has also bagged a reality TV show with Moja LOVE.

Skhothane Sa Pitori tells Buzz Life News they have already started shooting. “Skomota is a big brand, we are shooting the reality show as we speak.” He says they started shooting last month and things have been going well. “His family agreed, his sister, myself and Muruti Wa Dikota agreed and we are going ahead with it.”

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Reports state that Skomota has two girlfriends and that one is pregnant. “I don’t know about the second one. Girls love Smomota. But I know for sure that his main chick is pregnant,” he says. “People will see for themselves. They say I am always speaking for Skomota, he is my brother of course I will confirm for him.”

Not long ago, Skhothane accused Moruti Wa Dikota of scamming Skomota and paying him R1000 a month when he charges from R10 000 upwards for his appearances. He exposed him to scamming the artist who many assume has a physical disability. “Everyone knows, even DJ Tira and Makhadzi. If you want him in Pretoria, he will charge R20 000, in Limpopo he will charge R25 000,” he said. “Skomota and I come from far, same location even before I moved to Pretoria. Before he even met his manager, we used to be close. People even think we look alike, like blood brothers, and we love each other. He doesn’t have parents.”

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Skhothane is an artist and an MC, hosting weddings and gigs. Skhothane says that all payments are sent to Moruti Wa Dikota and he manages his movements. “Skomota doesn’t have his account. I don’t get it. People think I am spending his money. I don’t. The invoice goes to Kholofelo Makgata, who is Moruti Wa Dikota,” he said. “I send him the invoices, posters, and everything, but all funds go to Moruti Wa Dikota. He does not attend events. We have a driver named Kito who takes us everywhere.” Skhothane says with each amount coming in, they do not split. “I don’t get money. My friends take care of me when I travel. My friends feed me. I am managing Skomota but funds go to Moroti Wa Dikota. We have made more than a million through appearances,” he added. Skhothane said he has not been paid. “I confronted him. He said nothing. He shops at Gucci at Diamond walked instead.”

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