Award winning rapper and filmmaker Jovislash is back with a new album titled K.A.F.F.I.R.S.

The heavy titled project consists of 13 tracks that features the likes of Siya Shezi, the late Pro-Kid, N’veigh and more.

K.A.F.F.I.R.S. is an acronym, in full it means Kings Aren’t Forever Feared In Real Societies. “The title of the project does not in any way portray hate speech. We know that the word Kaffir was used, for any black person during the Apartheid and Post-Apartheid eras, closely associated with South African racism and it was considered extremely offensive, well With this project I believe that I’m changing narratives of how I’m a viewed. When I say “kings aren’t feared any more” I mean that, times have changed simply because young people are exposed to the truth and aren’t lied to any more by either community leader, preachers, politicians, police or any leaders out there that mislead them. We are getting to know how systems work and why certain decisions are been made on behalf of the society” said Jovislash about the project title.

The album includes songs such as Landless, Clever Blacks, and Vote. This project touches on serious issues that affects young people on a daily from immigration, crime to poverty.

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