Some call it a down grade, while others see it as a win as the talented radio host DJ Ankletap, real name Bryce Clarke leaves Y for North West based station YOU FM.

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Andkletap’s last show was on Friday 24 March. fter an emotional broadcats the jock shared a message for his listeners on his timeline. “The day I have been dreading for 12 years has finally arrived. Crazy how my body clock woke me up before my alarm even… same butterflies in my stomach that were there on the 31st of March 2011. What a blessed and beautiful journey it has been! Time for one last dance.” he says.

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YOU FM announced the news on Friday evening. “YOU FM is proud to announce that Malume is the host of YOUR Mornings with Malume Tap from 3 April, 5am to 9am. Welcome home Ankletap.”

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