Bongo Maffin band member and SeTswana poet Stoan Seate got himself into hot water with the Twitter streets after he criticised the national shutdown organised by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) on Monday, 20 March after he tweeted, “F***ck EFF.”

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The Tweet did not sit well with members and non members of the party, who felt he could have handled his dislike for the party differently. Some people accused him of being an attention seeker who should leave serious political matters to people in the know. Others advised him to focus on reviving his “non existent” rap career and others came for his co-parenting with Bongo Maffin member Thandiswa Mazwai.

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Stoan has since publicly apologised for the “insensitive” and harsh word she used. Stoan says he loves everyone, including the ones that attacked him on social media. “I know y words hurt you and you want to make me feel the same depth of pain.” Stoan says he regrets that. “After a lot of introspection and reflection, I’ve realised that my words do matter. I love my country and my people deeply and I understand that some of my family, my associates and countrymen are EFF members and voters,” he adds. “Our country needs unity not all this division. We are facing a common enemy and If we are at each other’s throats, we will all lose.” He continues to say, he will practise his freedom of speech with love and peace.


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