Castle Lite, SA’s number one premium Lite beer is advocating for the Lite’r Side of life with its new Lite’n Up campaign, and they are off to an impactful start with their new commercial which sees infamous news anchor Derek Watts finding his own Lite side among all of the seriousness of the world.

In a continuation of its long-running commitment to ensuring loads of enjoyment and memorable experiences for its consumers, Castle Lite’s new campaign “Lite’n Up” comes at an opportune time, Colleen Duvenage, Castle Lite Brand Director explains.

“We realise that the world is a very heavy place and that there are a lot of burdens that are placed on us as South Africans. “Lite’n Up” is all about celebrating the other-side of life, the lite’r side. As a nation, we know how to pry humour from the gloomiest of situations. It’s that optimism, resilience, and shared enjoyment of Mzansi that “Lite’n Up” celebrates.”

Derek Watts leads a brilliantly curated and LITE-hearted commercial with Ogilvy South Africa, directed by Anton Visser of Patriot Films, that is set to send a ripple of laughter across the country. We get to experience a never been seen before side of infamous news Anchor of Carte Blanche fame, Derek Watts as he shows us his Lite’r side, dancing along to Usher’s “Yeah”.

The iconic long-serving host of Carte Blanche will be loosening his tie and leading the charge as Caste Lite encourage South Africans to “Lite’n up” Colleen Duvenage comments, “Unexpected maybe, humorous and witty for sure and defiantly relatable amongst our consumers. From Sandton, to Umlazi and everywhere between, all of Mzansi knows Derek Watts, and the heavy stories he delivers every Sunday evening, literally putting the blues into Sunday Blues. With the intro track the weekend vibe ends and the serious week ahead begins, by extension, Derek Watts is known as one of the most serious characters around. Who better to flip the script and show us all how to set our lite side free? “Derek is a great person to launch this message with, he represents the duality that exists within our consumers. Even the most serious have a lite side, it sometimes just needs to be unlocked.”

“This commercial is a humours look at what it’s like to be recognised in our community. But, it also transported me to a new world. I never thought I would be dancing to hip hop at my age. It’s a reflection on a serious world and also when it’s time to Lite’n Up. Enjoy it!” added Derek Watts.

“Lite’n Up is a reminder to embrace your Lite’r side, in all the small, surprising and wonderful ways that show up every day, it doesn’t take away from what is happening in the world, but it reminds us that we can take time to enjoy ourselves and live with optimism and positivity. There has never been a better time to kick back, grab an extra cold one and enjoy the Lite’r side of life” adds Colleen.

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