Amapiano singer Dudu “Lady Du” Ngwenya announces she has terminated contract with management MXT.

This comes after the Dakiwe singer took to social media to expose manager Thabiso Khati of alleged abusive and manipulative behaviour.
In a series of tweets, Lady Du revealed how her management team is sabotaging her career.
“Guys, I’m going through it, I tell you. I curse the day I signed my management contract,” Lady Du wrote.

Picture: Former manager Thabiso Khati

“My manager is telling people I’m unavailable for bookings. He says he doesn’t work on weekends and doesn’t pay me on time. Mind you, I don’t work for him, he gets paid off my bookings! He has started taking cash from promoters. I’m in hell guys, I’ve been crying everyday nje,” she added.

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In a statement, Lady Du revealed the following: After a prolonged deterioration of the relationship with her management team, Duduzile Ngwenya (professionally known as “Lady Du”) has terminated her mandate with Managed x Thabiso (Pty) Ltd. As of 2 April 2022, Lady Du will no longer be managed or represented by Managed x Thabiso (Pty) Ltd and/or its representatives.”

Lady Du went to says she is grateful for the support shown to her by friends, family, fans and colleagues during this period and looks forward to rebuilding her career.