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She is the SofnFree brand ambassador at the Clicks Beauty Playground at Century City in Cape Town this weekend.
Singer and songwriter Mariechan Luiters took an almost fading night and turned it into a spectacular event with her live performance.
The former all-girl group member of Jamali gave the audience their monies worth as she showered guests in SofnFree products and gifts.
SofnFree won the Best Stand Award for 2022.

“This was such a great initiative by SofnFree for women to learn about the hair. We all have hair struggles and we needed the day away from all the hard work,” she told the audience.

“I am so grateful to perform among a beautiful audience who have always supported me from the day of Jamali.”

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The Clicks Beauty Playground was an unforgettable experience where hair enthusiasts got to learn about the newest trends in beauty, health and wellness.
Sofn’free treated their stall visitors to tips from hair experts, tried out new #SofnfreeForNaturals products and you could have a portrait done by a n illustrator.

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