International singer and songwriter Nomfusi Gotyana celebrates a decade of music with the release of the full album titled The Red Stoep alongside album single dubbed Nomana ahead of her 2021 European tour.

Nomana, a song that takes a pot shot at cheating men, a song that opens up a conversation about daily social issues.

The Gqeberha-born artist says the song was born out of her annoyance with people who blamed the other woman when a man cheats. In Nomana she rationalizes that it wasn’t the other woman’s fault. She blames it on the man. 

“I hate it that when men cheat people blame the other woman. He is the cheat, and if he had that little respect for his partner, then that was his problem, not the other woman,” she says. 

She further criticizes women for confronting the other woman instead of confronting their man. 

“Ladies, you’re not married to or dating the other woman. You’re not married to the mistress. She isn’t the person who cheated on you, so she’s not your problem. When you blame someone else, you’re telling him it’s not his fault. You’re telling him he can’t help himself. You’re training him to believe it’s expected of him. You’re telling him you don’t hold him responsible for cheating even though he was the person who cheated on you. You should place the blame where it belongs. The other woman didn’t cheat on you. He did. She wasn’t the person who did you wrong. He was. The other woman didn’t break your trust. He did,” says the songstress.

She goes to say that the song aims at taking down the patriarchy in society whilst opening up a conversation about such issues.

“We need to balance the scales of masculinity and femininity in the world, we need stable homes, families are a very strong foundation of the world, we need to build strong families for the future.”  says Nomfusi. 

Nomana is an irresistible listen with fluttering beats as she challenges patriarchy. It is fused with strong modern maskandi sounds and sassy vocals by Nomfusi. Nomfusi here is laying down the facts about a popular homewrecker who happens to be the topic of the township and bad news. The upbeat single was co-produced by Steve Dyer, on vocals, Nomfusi mesmerizes the chant with a heavy vibrant tone. Every Township has its own Nomana but it’s up to us how we handle the situation. 

“The world is in a state with pandemic whilst we are also fighting societal issues at hand and trying to survive. It is about time we consider such topics. Let us rebuild and remind us that we are the future.” adds Nomfusi.

Nomana is taken from a full album titled The Red Stoep out on  Friday 17 September 2021.