He has spoken openly about his past experience with drugs and alcohol. Kwaito Music veteran Kabelo Mabalane, 44, had an in-depth reveal on his career as a superstars and his early days as an entertainer on the Podcast and Chill interview with MacGyver ‘MacGMukwevho and Sol Phenduka.

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He has recently revealed how he lost R2 million to drugs.
He was and still is a member of the well-known kwaito trio TKZee, and during the height of their career he revealed more drugs were used.
Speaking to Mac G Kabelo shared details of the ‘rock-star life’ he lived 20 years ago, before he became a pastor and family man.
“We were just full of it back then,” he says.
“I used to believe that you needed drugs to make hits.”
“My first time trying drugs was at a party at one of these Northern suburbs. I thought it wasn’t going to amount to anything. It was given to me for free for the first couple of times. Im fortunate to live to tell the tale. It (Cocain) feeds the ego and prays on the most insecure. That calculation, easily R2 million up my nose,” he says.

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MKabelo says his biggest solo album (And The beat goes on) he made clean.
“The myth that you need drugs to make music is not true.”
“I got into lots of trouble man and I thank God that it didn’t become like an Oscar Pistorious or a Jub Jub piece where people lost their lives you know what I’m saying? I used about Four or five grams a day. It messes you up financially.”