He has one of the biggest Twitter accounts in South Africa and one of the biggest social media foot prints. But like any other user, If you break the rules you get suspended.
Michael Bucwa, 37, better known by his Tweeps as Mr Smeg has been temporarily suspended from the platform that has made him thousand of rand in the couple of years he has been on line.

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Speaking to Buzz Life News, Michael says he made a “silly mistake” that got him suspended.
“It’s nothing major. It was not a copyright infringement, or anything indecent, just a technical mistake. I guess it wasn’t that small, because look at where I am now,” he says, annoyed at himself.

“I’m kicking myself for this. But maybe it was time for me to take a short Twitter hiatus and silence the noise,” he says.
It’s barely been a few hours away from Twitter but he is already feeling “withdrawn.”
“I’m getting a bit anxious because I am used to checking my Twitter at least once an hour. Almost withdrawal symptoms,” he jokes.

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The social media sensation and qualified electrical engineer started off with a few followers and built his brand to being the guy with a red Smeg kettle and today he makes money from the gimmick.