Fashion, premium lifestyle events and rubbing shoulders with South Africa’s media personalities is what many look forward to every year at the Vodacom Durban July. But due to strict Covid-19 protocol lockdown regulations; consumers have been advised to stay home and stay safe. It is with this in mind that Vodacom’s flagship cell plan, Vodacom RED VIP, has launched a month-long virtual fashion, lifestyle and celebrity experience aimed at giving consumers the tools they need to elevate their fashion aspirations.

Vodacom RED Division Executive Head, Katleho Mahloane says, “Vodacom RED VIP is creating platforms for future and current RED VIP customers to elevate themselves through fashion experiences and opportunities that cater to their desire to take a ‘Flight of Fancy”.

The curated experiences include The Vodacom RED VIP Masterclass and the virtual #VodacomREDCarpet experience. The brand has announced that it will also be elevating students’ lives through the ‘Take Flight of Purpose’ campaign.

Hosting the masterclass is TV presenter, actor and entrepreneur Maps Maponyane. “The Vodacom RED VIP Masterclass, which features businessman and founder Bathu Theo Baloyi, media personality and academic Sarah Langa, award-winning fashion designer, Gert Johan Coetzee will show consumers how they can ‘Take a Flight on Fancy’ through fashion, Maps says. “Some of the things that one can expect to learn during the masterclass include the following: tips on creating or improving your Instagram-able fashion moments, the art of accessorising, and how you can switch up your luxe looks with leisurewear pieces.”

Maps Maponyane Picture: Supplied

Suppose you missed the opportunity to interpret this year’s Vodacom Durban July theme. In that case, Vodacom RED VIP gives you a second, third and even fourth chance to showcase your style via the #VodacomREDCarpet competition, which is now open and closes on the 30th of July. The winners will receive a fully styled photoshoot.

A heart-warming feature of this virtual ‘Flight of Fancy’ campaign is how Vodacom RED VIP intends to elevate higher education students’ lives.

“Flight Of Purpose’ will see Vodacom RED VIP paying off outstanding fees for those who have completed their studies but are struggling financially. This element is very close to Sarah Langa as she is an academic herself and values education. The campaign will provide a rounded elevation of students’ lives,” concludes Katleho.

The Vodacom RED VIP Flagship Plans are custom-made for those who want to unlock their potential. These plans offer customers prioritised service, premium  lifestyle  and travel  rewards, as well as signature experiences to the finer things in life.
Some of the key benefits include unlimited voice calls, up to a 100GB of Anytime Data, Local & international travel discounts, Exclusive invite-only events and 24/7 priority service desk consultants.

To learn about how you can get involved in any of the ‘Flight of Fancy’ campaign elements, visit