Picture: Zoleka Mandela/Instagram

Her journey of survival, love, addiction has been an inspiration for many men and women. One might assume that coming from an affluent family, all is perfect. But mom or five, two-time breast cancer survivor and recovering addict Zoleka Mandela, 41, is a true example of ‘overcoming and winning’ is possible.

Today, the author took to social media to talk about her journey to recovery and approaching 11 years of sobriety.
“Transformation Tuesday!” she exclaims in a post.
“My 5th year since my second, Breast Cancer diagnosis (April 2016) . I didn’t feel like mentioning, let alone celebrating (also stopped smoking cigarettes back in 2012, since 1993 – from age 13 to 32. But, August is a very big one for me, I’m celebrating a huge milestone,” she writes.
“August 11, 2021 marks my 11th year of being clean and sober from illegal drugs and alcohol!”
Zoleka expresses how happy she is to share the news.
“I can’t wait to celebrate a life free from legal drugs like my Antidepressants; my medication for my Iron Deficiency and Hypothyroidism. But one thing at a time, hey,” she says.
” For now, it’s going down in August and we’ll be popping off with sparkling water with fresh lemon, Fanta grape on the rocks, super thick vanilla milkshakes (that always leave me feeling sick) and maybe even an energy drink if I’m feeling a lil’ naughty – because I don’t even mess around with non-alcoholic drinks.”
To close off; she addresses all those who though she would not achieve this.
“FYI – To all of you who said I would never amount to anything or that I was nothing but a junkie or whatever else you use to call me behind my back and never in person; you should be so ashamed of yourselves. But I forgive you.”

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