Radio and TV presenter Anele Mdoda takes her pan-African talk show, The Buzz to its fifth season on DStv’s brand new channel, HONEY TV. 

The new season premieres on the 26th of May 2021. The show is a light-hearted, insightful, panel-based talk show with five women from diverse backgrounds who share their views on certain topics. In each episode a viewer writes in with their dilemma, which is what makes it special. The panelists then share their insights, experiences and views on the particular topic. 

HONEY TV, launched in mid-February as a celebration of the pan-African lifestyle. As Africa’s first original lifestyle channel (#HoneyDStv173), the channel and the show have been lauded for their groundbreaking approach to entertainment.

Davina Mavuwa
Pearl Umeh
Zanna Katoka
Rachel Mwangemi

The Buzz is even more delightful because of its intelligent and humorous panelists. Zimbabwe’s Davina Mavuwa, Kenya’s Rachel Mwangemi, Nigeria’s Pearl Umeh and the DRC’s Zanna Katoka, all bring bits of their home countries to the studio. The women also get to vote on the viewers’ dilemmas, making for even more interesting insights. The women of The Buzz are the girlfriends you know, or wish you knew.  They bring real, honest, heart-felt, jaw dropping and witty conversations to your homes.

HONEY’s Head of Content Zinzi Velelo says, “The Buzz is a talk show like no other, you have strong opinionated voices from five opinionated women from across Africa. The fact that the viewer can be assisted with their life issues by just writing to us and an entire half hour is dedicated to solving their problem is what makes it so authentic.  Africa can now hear and see how other African live and navigate through life’s challenges.”

The Buzz is Anele Mdoda’s first time back on screens as a talk show host and sees her humour, brilliance and growth as an entertainer. She also acts as one of the Executive Producers of the show under her production company, Rose and Oaks. 

Catch The Buzz Monday and Wednesdays on #HoneyDStv173 at WAT (17:00) CAT (18:00) EAT (19:00)