Emerging South African contemporary artist Precious Kofi is doing another first as she exhibits her latest art collection at the Refuge Art Gallery, in Boulder, Colorado from 26-27 April 2021.

Kofi’s first solo two-day art gallery exhibition coincides with Freedom Day as South Africa remembers 27 years since the first post-apartheid and democratic elections – held on the 27th of April 1994. 

“That freedom is what allowed me to follow my passion. We are free enough to do what we desire. We have the power to free ourselves and not hold ourselves back,” Precious reflects. “Freedom lives within you. No one gives you freedom, you decide when you are free. You can choose to be free and I am a free person no matter where I am in the world.”

“I wanna make a mark and I wanna take up space – I’m here and I’m here to stay.”

Naturally, the inspiration for the exhibition is the concept of ‘Freedom’. “What is exciting for me about this experience is that this is my first solo show at an art gallery – on the most prominent street in Boulder, on Pearl street, on Freedom day,” Precious gushes.

This invitation follows her debut at the Boulder Arts Weeks less than a month ago.

“I love Boulder. It’s community. It is a place where I felt safe, held and validated as a person. I like that there’s a representation; that we are here; not hiding under tables. We’re going to continue to be a happy people and thrive no matter what,” she adds, speaking on the mood of the city since the tragic shooting in March. “No one will destabilise what Boulder means to me. This is the time to let love win. All the time. And art is love!”