Zikhona Sodlaka beams in a series of pictures with her new born.

Last year, seasoned actress Zikhona 35, announced her pregnancy in an array of Egyptian inspired pregnancy images.

Zikhona has again welcomed the arrival of her first baby boy Luphawu Lunje Xhanti in a series of African inspired images captioned with the hashtag #RURALMOMSINTHECITY

“Every now and then, when you have the nerve or the confidence to take a moment and look at your life, so you stop, and there it is!” she writes.
“Your life as you’ve lived it before this very moment and you know beyond any doubt that things will never ever be the same again. This right here is one of those very moments!”

She goes to say how proud she is of the young African woman she was in the past.
“I am so super PROUD  of the 19 year old Zikhona 16 years ago, wet behind the ears who entered this artform I love so much that has opened so many doors for me. And here’s to getting to know the 35 year old woman who is at the beginning of something new and wet behind the ears in this parenting thing too. I have earned all my silver stripes, all of them. Iinyawo zino daka!”

She prays for blessings in her journey as a mom.
“May God and all the angels I’ve inherited carry us through and equipt me with the correct armor for new wars and new wins. Makwande. I Salut all rural moms in the city,” she says.