In what can be labelled an unprecedented move of historical proportions, Jameson Irish Whiskey, the 243 year old premium whiskey brand that we all know and love, has announced the launch of their new skincare range; Beatha.  

This move comes at a time the industry has been faced with many challenges on how it can reinvent itself during much uncertainty.

Jameson says it has acknowledged the call for the industry to pivot and sees this as a major game changer which they anticipate their consumers will be excited about.

“We are incredibly proud of our new Beatha offering which we believe will expand our territory in such a profound manner. Not only is the beauty space one that is ever commercially thriving through demand, it also contributes meaningfully to consumers lives which is what we are about as a brand,” says Beatrice Marfleet, Marketing Manager of Jameson and Irish Whiskeys.

She adds that, “Jameson is also a brand that has a strong base with women and this offering would not only reach them but would ensure that should there ever come a time the industry needed to shut down again, we would always be able to get our brand in the hands of the consumer”.  

Made with the highest quality grain Jameson whiskey, barley (which has many amazing benefits for skin and hair) and quality skin ingredients, Beatha is an artisanal skincare range for both men and women that is specially crafted to leave your skin hydrated, revitalized and of course, twice as smooth.

This innovative range includes a Restorative Facial Mousse, which is packed with essential minerals, vitamins, and replenishing qualities, a Hydrating Facial Oil that provides long lasting skin nourishment, and a Beard Oil, which has been specially formulated to moisturise the skin while giving your beard a healthy shine. Jameson is launching this must have skin trio with none other than the gorgeous Ayanda Thabethe.

Thabethe is an award winning TV host and model who is now venturing into the beauty space and is excited to be partnering with this legacy brand to introduce a beauty skin care range.

“I am super excited to announce my partnership with Jameson that has been months in planning. This skin care range comprises some of my favourite products that I have been using over the years but is different because of our secret ingredients to ensure all my beloved supporters get to experience the Beatha magic,” says Thabethe.
Make sure you get your hands on this brand new range and get the smooth skin you’ve always dreamed of by  simply visiting the Jameson website: Jameson Beatha Skin Care Trio and following the brand for more across platforms.