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Highly-rated e.tv soap Scandal! introduced its first-ever deaf actor, Thando, played by the talented Mxolisi Nodom. 

Although he was born in Durban, Mxolisi actually grew up in Kimberley. But his passion for acting was ignited when he moved to Cape Town. Storytelling is what he loves most and this prompted Mxolisi to enter an arts competition hosted by the Deaf Schools of South Africa called “Zwakala”. Then, when he heard Scandal! was looking for a deaf actor, he immediately jumped at the opportunity and never looked back.

“Being on Scandal is a big dream for me and having this opportunity means a lot to me as I know this will also open many opportunities for myself and other deaf actors”, said Mxolisi. 

Thando comes onto the scene as Violetta’s brother. He is alerted to the sudden disappearance of his sister when he fails to receive payment for his school fees which Violetta always paid on time. Thando proves himself to be a fearless character who is not afraid to face the notorious Mamba to find out his sister’s fate. As his suspicions grow, it becomes clear Thando will stop at nothing to find his sister, despite Mamba’s efforts to derail his quest. 

Stay tuned to see Mxolisi Nodom shine in his first professional TV role. With a debut like his, expect to see a lot more of this talented rising star.

“The inclusion of a deaf character is something we had been planning to do for a long time. Then recently one of our writers heard of plans to make Sign Language an official language in SA and we felt this would be the right time to introduce it. Scandal! is known for bringing new faces and for being a multilingual show so it makes complete sense to introduce a deaf new actor.  It’s also very exciting to have Aya learning to sign and to challenge everyone with the idea that just like any other language, it’s not too late to learn”, said Grace Mahlaba, Scandal! Creative Producer.