A few weeks ago, they lost their Old Mutual sponsorship after making Transphobic comments their YouTube channel Podcats and Chill. Macgyver ‘MacG’ Mukwevho and co-host Sol Phenduka thought they were off the hook after they apologised in an episode featuring Transgender Activist Yaya Mavundla.

But it seems they are not in the clear as yet after their bigger partner Supabets and Supa TV distanced themselves from the channel.

A Twitter user shared a letter sent by Supabets and SupaTV executive director Sindiswa Metsing stating they have removed all of MacG’s content from their platforms due to the Transphobic slurs.
“MacG is not employed nor sponsored by Supabets or Supa TV. Supa TV licenses his content, as we do other content properties for the channel. In addition on this, Mac G chooses to promote a Supabets sign-up link to his unique audience on his Youtube channel,” she wrote.

“Please be informed that Supa TV is suspending the airing of MacG’s content on it’s channel while an internal investigation is being conducted. He will be asked to remove the Supa TV sign-up link and branding on his Youtube channel until further notice.”