Picture: Emtee/Instagram

Last year, Emtee came forth on social media accusing his wife and mother of his two children Nicole Kendall Chinsamy of abuse. he claimed Nicole has physically asulted him in the past and once and has had heated arguments with her family members resulting in her brother threatening his life.

“I have put up with her abuse for eight to nine years,” he says. “
She forever jealous and I have never cheated on her once. Instead, I take care of her and her family,” he told Buzz Life News.

I n a rant on social media he said he hated how he has to protect himself even from those who claim to love him. “There’s always someone plotting on me. Tryna do me dirty no matter how much I stay out the way and keep to myself.”

“Can I be single please. I’m a man of peace. Somebody please help! She has even called the police on me twice, but I was completely innocent. They even took my weed. She says I hit her but it is the other way around, and she cusses at me,” he added.

Emtee has since taken to social media to apologise to Nicole.
“I’d like to apologise to the mother of my children, my wife Nicole. I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me. I love you Mrs Ndevu.”

Twitter had a lot to say about his apology: