Picture: Moja Love

Moja Love sent presenter hopefuls back home after they failed to comply with the lockdown Level three regulations at audition venue to return the following day.

It was reported that chaos broke out at the Moja Love auditions held at Booysens Hotel in Johannesburg on Saturday when contestants failed to meet the government requirements for lockdown level three.

In an effort to open up the industry and set on a quest to find raw talent, held their auditions for new presenters on Sunday the 17th of January 2021. “Due to some of the contestants inside the venue not adhering to our strict regulations, which included the wearing of masks and social distancing this put a damper on the process and the auditions were halted as part of the process to remedy the situation,” they shared in a press release.

Head of Channel at Moja Love Bokani Moyo, says, they “cancelled Saturday’s auditions because outside the venue, some people were not following Covid- 19 protocols such as social distancing and wearing masks.”

“As much as we understand people’s excitement, these really are critical times that we live in and we could not as a channel allow precious lives to be jeopardized,” Moyo added.

The Sunday auditions however commenced without incident.

Sunday auditions at Booysens Hotel Pictures: Moja Love

All contestants followed the regulations and adhered to social distancing, which made for a pleasant auditioning process.
“The bulk of the people who were at the auditions on Saturday returned, as we had explained to them that the cancellation was for their own safety. We are excited about the calibre of the talent we have uncovered and cannot wait to introduce young fresh talent that showcase the best of what South Africa has on offer,” Moyo added.