Ntando Duma/Supplied

TV personality Ntando Duma denies participating in a sex tape.

There has been a video making rounds on social media of a young woman who appears to look like TV personality Ntando Duma.
The woman is captured in a compromising position with a male having sex and the moment is documented by the partner.
Many assumed the woman was Ntando Duma, but she was quick to address the matter on Twitter.

” I legit almost believed that was me in that video. Yaze yafana nami leya ngane (That girl really looks like me). But for confirmation; it is definitely NOT ME and I would never do anything of that nature. Have a good day everyone,” she wrote.

A snapshot of the sex tape

Again after the post, she went live on Instagram with her sister Thando Duma and laughed off the incident.
“There are plenty of people who are concerned. Don’t worry, I know about the video, tell people that is not me,” she said giggling.
“For a second I thought that girl was me, but realised by the bitten nails that wasn’t me. I’ve never dated a Pakistani guy either and the background with the ‘Hello Kitty duvet in not me,” she said laughing harder.