Afro-pop singer and Nathi Mankayi, 38, recently lot both his parents to Coronavirus. The Noba Ngumama singer took to social media to talk about his loss.

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“Kweziveki zimbini zidlulileyo (In the last two weeks), I lost my dearest mother and father in a matter of days and experienced the darkest days of my life,” he wrote.
“I felt and still feel pain in ways that can’t be put to words. With that said, today, on my birthday day, I celebrate them! Lalani ngoxolo mama no tata (Rest in peace mom and dad).”

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“It’s important for people take this virus serious, I watched it take away people I love and care about in a short space of time,” he tells Buzz Life News. “These are trying times for even the strongest of people and prayer with precautions will see us through,” he adds.