She has always known that she was special and one day she would change lives, but never in her wildest dreams ever thought she would become a DJ.
Chrysline “DJ Christy” Ruiters, 27, started her career as a jock in 2016 under the wing of Eastern Cape music aficionado, DJ Master J.
It didn’t take long for her to learn the ones and two. In less than a week, she was already playing for a crowd.
“I learned the basics really fast, but of course every day I learn something new,” tells Buzz Life News.
“I still rehearse as much as I can and every day, I become better,” she says.

The mom of six-year-old daughter Kendall Ruiters is a resident DJ at YOLO club in Queenstown and So What Lounge in Mthatha, Eastern Cape and has been booked and busy since her career started.
“I’m slowly gaining a following in different provinces across the country, and I am in no rush to blow up. But I know my time is here,” she says.

Although she is versatile and can play anything, she is booked for her choice of Gqom Gospel.
“I can play anything, but Gqom Gospel is what I specialize in and what I mostly get booked for,” she says. “It’s not your usual Gqom sound, but there’s something more spiritual about it. It takes me to a place of safety, and I connect with God somehow,” she adds.

Growing up in Indwe and Queenstown in the Eastern Cape; life hasn’t always been easy for DJ Christy and she believes music and DJing was have been a form of therapy.
“I’ve been through many hardships; losing a mom when I was young and living with relatives. But when I learned to DJ, I was able to take out all my frustrations behind the decks,” she says.
“I can safely say that music saved my life,” she adds. In the near future, DJ Christy looks forward to sharing her skills with other talented young females. “I want to tell my story and be able to inspire other young women coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, but all that will happen, one day at a time,” she says.