Somhale with their mothers in-law. Picture: Instagram

This year Somizi celebrates his birthday for the first time without his mom Mary Twala.
In a bittersweet message he shared on social media, Somizi wrote, “I’m turning 48 years old, and it will be the first time I won’t be getting that first call from my bubbly mom. I write this with tears in my eyes, but I know she has already wished me a happy bday. I’m so grateful for the life, for making it this far, for the blessings, for health and for the success,” he wrote.

The choreographer and artists went on to say how today he would like to give himself a very special gift. “I wanna promise myself to love me more than I’ve ever loved myself, to make me my own priority, to be in spaces where love is served the way I serve it, to surround myself with people who love me the same way I love love them and to walk away from anything less than that without anger or hate. To love certain people from a distance and that includes friends and family, to put Somizi first and make sure he is happy first before he makes anyone happy. That’s my gift to me and I wanna keep it forever. Happy birthday to me, thank you God. I’m gonna live this day as best as I can doing everything that feels right….sing lalalalala,” he wrote.