This year has been a tough year, but our Halo Heritage Queen, Boity Thulo is coming for everything! Boity was announced as the cover star of True Love’s final edition for the year and she deserves no lesser honour! Stunning in pink on the cover, Boity chatted about everything from her signature fragrance, Boity Pink Sapphire and her Boity Haircare range to her illustrious music career. 

The article touched on a number of important messages with regards to not only her hair journey, but also the successful year she has had amidst a global pandemic.

Boity spoke about the importance of owning your crown, regardless of what people think – “your hair is your crown and whatever you choose to do with it should never make people feel like they have a right to make a judgement about who you are and what you’re capable of”. 

She also unpacked her own journey and touched on her natural hair process in the story –

“It was about seven years ago when I stopped relaxing my hair,” she says introspectively. “I decided to take care of it as it was and see what happens. From there, it was just a matter of learning various ways of taking care of my natural hair without depending on relaxer because it’s always just been the easy way out.” 

The entertainment allrounder also gave props to the parent company of her Haircare and fragrance line – Halo Heritage. She explains – “My partnership with Halo Heritage was very easy for me to agree to because of what the company stands for,” she says. “I loved the fact that their main focus is centred on empowering black women – this is on par with everything I believe in, so the collaboration was effortless.” 

The True Love December issue is now on shelves. Make sure to pick yours up. In it, you’ll find your own little piece of her range.