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Big Star Johnson had just released Two Cups music video with rapper ROUGE. 
Ever since the Me and Mines release, fans have not been shy to let us know their favourite tracks. Its hard not to love the whole project but there are a few songs that received the most love. A fan favourite was Two Cups featuring ROUGE. Fans will be happy to know the visuals have just been released this morning, check it out here.

You loved the BigStar Johnson x Rouge in Dololo, currently on 360,000 views on YouTube and we think you are going to love what they did in the Two Cups video just as much.

“Two Cups is the song on my album where we are just vibing, it’s about good times with me and my squad. Rouge being family made the perfect feature and the video is pool party vibes with the people I vibe with, this a song for you and and the squad!” 
– BigStar Johnson

Big Star Johnson‘s last visual for the hit single Sgubu, got great reviews, click here to watch a reaction video from the UK based The Ubunifu Space. Big Star Johnson has also been shooting a series of rehearsal videos with his band, which we plan to show you soon. 

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