A crew member has allegedly died on the set of Shaka iLembe just weeks after a said food-poisoning incident

Last month, the Gauteng Department of Health raised concerns about the alarming rise of food poisoning incidents, particularly affecting children in the province. This follows the incident where 41 children, aged between three and five years, allegedly consumed rat poison, mistaking it for a candy on Monday, they received treatment at the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital. 

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Two weeks ago, a food poisoning incident was reported on the set of Shaka iLembe where staff members allegedly became sick on set. “Many people who were on set on that day became sick,” a source said. “It was bad and kept very much on the hush by the production. I mean, it’s not like they did anything wrong, but keeping it a secret is not a good reflection on the company.”

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In a separate incident, a make-up artist has been reported to have passed away, just a few weeks after the food poisoning incident. “This is sad. But this is something completely different to the food poisoning incident.” The source said the make-up artist whose name cannot be revealed to protect the family was already ill. “This could have happened to anyone. It had nothing to do with the production, it just happened on set.” The source says, not many people knew about it. “They did not want to scare people, death is a serious thing and everyone has their own beliefs.” Multichoice has not as yet confirmed both incidents. The show has been approved for season three.

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