Fashion designer David Tlale has called out South African celebrities for being cheap and not willing to invest in local designers but are quick to buy international brands.

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Speaking On MacG’s Podcast and Chill, David said he no longer dresses celebrities because they don’t want to pay for his services and expect him to work for free in exchange for public relations. “They would come to us a brand and ask me to dress them in exchange for PR. I go to the fabric store, work with my design team, cut the dress, pay my team, pay rent.” He said they are willing to buy a bag from an international brand, post it on social media for free, and pay a make-up artist and photographer, but not willing to pay the designer.  David said he is expensive for those who cannot afford him. Without naming anyone, he says he stopped working with Savita Mbuli and Basetsana Kumalo. “I had to stop. They are not willing to support us,” he said. “I’m not mentioning names, but I am saying, most of these celebrities.” 

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He added that he has bills to pay too. “We are trying to aspire to something we can’t afford, we don’t even know where it’s made.” He said young South Africans are willing to buy expensive brands to show off. “Then when you’re done, you go sleep on a mattress with no proper home to go to,” he said. “Every product that is in these luxury stores is not made in South Africa, but somewhere in the world. But we are the first ones as black people to go and support. When you swipe your card, that money leaves the country.” He says this is implying that the luxury local brands such as Thebe Magugu, and Maxhosa Africa are not good enough. “You are willing to spend R100 000 and then come to me and ask to spend R5 000. The level of disrespect.” David said people need to respect the artistry behind the clothing and textile industry.

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