They were like three musketeers, inseparable and almost like siblings. They spent a lot of time together. At the funeral of actor Mpho Sebeng who died on 5 May following a car accident. Family and friends gathered at Rhema Bible Church in Bromhof to lay him to rest.

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Actors Warren Masemola and Manenje feel lost without the third person in their groups.Mpho was my brother, my best friend, my daughter’s godfather.  I am the adopted daughter of Nomsa Sebeng, Bra Joe. The adopted sister to Lebogang and the entire family. He became my brother from another mother,” Vele said, and Warren shared how they met on the set of a TV production, and he was taken aback by Mpho’s confidence. I didn’t understand the amount of confidence he had. In him, I saw myself when I was his age. Mpho and I fell in love and the three of us (including Vele Menenje) were a trio. But one thing I knew, Mpho was so hungry for knowledge about performance and the arts, and he asked me to give him special performing classes. I said I couldn’t but Monageng Motshabi would help him. We could see Mpho growing. I didn’t know then he was a TV presenter. We saw him rising. 

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The three became very close and shared special moments together. “He was such a loving young man.” He said they travelled to Lagos for awards. “We called me Rangwane. He would say ‘Rangwane, ke yetse jwangNgwanyana oe wang’ nyaka.” He said Mpho was always calling and inviting him somewhere. The last time the three of them were together, they were meant to go out but ended up staying at home, playing with the child. “On weekends, he was always busy with his famous friends,” Warren said. Their friendship was special and said they did a lot together. He said he was broken by his passing. 

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