Muvhango actress Inno Manchidi and her husband have welcomed their baby girl.

 She thanked her who made sure she had a “smooth pregnancy,” she said. “Words fail me when I try to describe my pregnancy, I don’t know if there’s a word beyond perfect because wow!!! What a journey, what a God,” she said. “Our baby was born of love and into love. To my husband, thank you, baby, we did it so effortlessly. Thank you for making sure I had a smooth pregnancy from day one until the end. Thank you to my family, friends, gynecologist, colleagues, and you guys my social media family for the love, support, well wishes, prayers, and and and.”

Inno said they kept the pregnancy discreet until they were ready to announce it. “We made a decision to keep our pregnancy private (not a secret) until a time we felt ready to share and I must really thank all of you for respecting that,” she said. “I would bump into some of you, take pictures, and ask that you don’t post until I do and you respected that.”

She thanks everyone to those who respected her privacy. “Thank you to everyone who did not feel the need to announce or comment about my pregnancy before I did, I respect you so much.”

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