He has over two decades of experience in the world of acting, but Carlo Radebe is battling to make ends meet. A close friend to him has reached out to South Africans to help the veteran actor. “It is with great sadness and empathy that I would like to appeal to your kindheartedness to help a friend who is currently not able to help himself and finds himself in a dark and hopeless situation,” Mauritz Neethling wrote on social media. “Carlo Radebe well known South African actor, Voice artist, and Thespian is in desperate need of some assistance.”

Neethling says as for many of us, “Covid was a really difficult time, especially for those working in the arts and film and television industry. Unfortunately for Carlo has not been able to get back on his feet, and currently finds himself in a situation where he is struggling to sustain himself,” Neethling adds.

Evicted from his former residence he is currently residing in the back of a remote smallholding outside Jhb. “Relying on a government grant of only R350 pm. you can understand that this no way to afford him the means to get himself out there and back on casting agents radar and to let him send video audition clips let alone to feed himself or even take phone calls or have data to send or receive emails,” Neethling said. 

Before sharing the information Neethling consulted with Carlo. “I ask (with his permission) that you find it in your heart to help in whatever way or form you can to help this talented man regain some dignity and free him from this dark tomb he finds himself in,” Neethling said. “If you are able to donate money, time, airtime, closer accommodation (maybe someone has a granny flat closer to jhb) or even just to share this post with someone you think could help with possible work or even just a foot in the door to be able to work again please find it in your heart to do so.” Neethling has attached Carlos’s CV, email address, and banking details. “Let’s see if we can help one of our South African talents get back to a place where he can keep his head high and practice his craft with dignity. Thank you kindly.”

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