After hosting a closing -down party and having people travel form all walks of life to party for the last time and share emotional memories about Braamfontein bar Kitchner’s. It turns out the venue is not closing down, just changing the management, Andrew Clements who has been running and occupying the space for about 15 years.

Play Braamfontein in Braamfontein who owns the building have announced that they are set to “Restore and Uplift Kitchener’s Carvery Bar” in a statement. “Play Braamfontein is on the verge of bringing you ’The Original’ Kitcheners Cavery bar.  That’s’ no understatement. With a track record that spans over two decades, our vision is to honour Kitchener’s bar legacy while enhancing the overall experience for our patrons. The restoration will breathe new life into the space while maintaining its authenticity.”

They went on to says that, “While Kitchener’s best times coincided with Braamfontein’s emergence as a cultural pioneer, the pre-Covid years saw it start to show its age. Now, under the custodianship of Play once again, it will begin a new adventure, and receive all the love it so rightfully deserves.” Play Braamfontein said they want to reassure everyone that Kitchener’s is here to stay! “We invite the community to join us on this exciting journey as we restore and revitalise this beloved establishment, and create new memories,” they added. “Play Braamfontein will keep the public informed about the progress of the restoration through regular updates on social media channels and other communication platforms. Stay tuned!”

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