Over the years, seasoned actress Nthati Moshesh slayed many complex characters in an array of films and television series, earning her several accolades, including Golden Horn awards at the SAFTAs. 

Using these acting chops, she bowled over The Masked Singer South Africa fans in the first episode of the spectacular new second season of the craziest, most fun-filled singing contest on television. Disguised as our national treasure, Springbok, Nthati leapt onto The Masked Singer South Africa stage on Saturday, 6 April, with a stunning performance, leaving the show’s distinguished detective panel completely stumped.

Detectives J’Something, Somizi Mhlongo, Sithelo Shozi and Skhumba Hlophe had no clue that Nthati was the ball of energy in the Springbok attire until she emerged from behind the mask at the end of two epic sing-offs.

However, Springbok was not the only masked character coming clean in the first episode of The Masked Singer South Africa Season 2. The mysterious case of the Kit Kat Break Master was finally solved.

For weeks, the Kit Kat Break Master had been spotted at malls and cinemas across the country, prompting the people of Mzansi to “take a break” by dishing out Nestlé’s delicious chocolate-covered wafer bars. Rumours were rife that the Break Master was a famous personality. So, when the Kit Kat Break Master opened the show, and host Mpho Popps was nowhere to be seen, the secret was finally out. Mpho had to break out of this costume.

The Masked Singer South Africa Season 2’s first episode featured four phenomenal Masked Singers facing off in two epic battles. Wildebeest and Springbok locked horns, whereafter Butterfly and Rainbow vied for the votes of the detective panel and studio audience.

From the moment the detectives laid eyes on Springbok, they were in awe of her beauty and confidence, but the story she told in her clue package threw the four bloodhounds completely off their track.

Springbok shared that it didn’t surprise her parents when she decided on her path, that she had been honoured for her work, and even being called one of the best in her field. Furthermore, she let slip that she would have been a bird if she weren’t the country’s best-loved Springbok. The graceful antelope also went to a girl’s school but clearly stated that although she can be called “a friend collector”, she has come to The Masked Singer South Africa stage to make enemies.

Initially, Somizi focused on Springbok’s over-the-top make-up, J’Something gauged that her beautiful necklace indicated that she loved fine jewellery, and Sithelo figured that they were dealing with a “girl’s girl”. However, Springbok’s competitiveness signalled to Skhumba that she’s a “Springbok for real”, in other words, an accomplished sports star.

Then, Springbok’s sensational rendition of the Harry Styles hit “As It Was” had the foursome even more befuddled.

J’Something admitted being clueless about who is behind the mask. He also confessed that this season’s mysteries were much harder to crack, and that the vocal prowess of the competitors blew him away. After asking Springbok straight-out whether she’s a sports star, her coy answer, “my job allows me to play”, in his opinion, pointed to Minnie Dlamini.

Springbok’s energetic performance convinced Sithelo the celebrity in question was a dancer – maybe Lorna Maseko or Lorcia Cooper. Meanwhile, Springbok’s legs and tiny feet led Somizi to believe that he performed with this national treasure at previous Rugby World Cup. It could only be Lorcia Cooper.

Finally, Skhumba guessed Springbok was the award-winning sports presenter Motshidisi Mohono.

Despite having the detectives on their feet with her amazing performance, the majestic Wildebeest trampled petite Springbok in the vote, sending her to the danger zone, where rare beauty Butterfly later joined her. In the end, Butterfly fluttered through to the next round.

Before Springbok took off her mask, the four judges had to lock in their final guesses. Sithelo and Skhumba stuck to their original names – Lorcia Cooper and Motshidisi Mohono – but J’Something and Somizi changed their minds. Somizi settled on sports presenter Carol Tshabalala, and Springbok’s clue package hint about almost being a bird led J’Something to songbird Zolani Mahola.

Of course, they were all wrong. Nthati deceived them with her superb acting skills and obscure clues.

The legendary actress said she immediately jumped on board when she was approached to be on The Mask Singer South Africa: “In all my roles I’m serious, I’m strict, I’m stern, I’m horrible. I’m evil. So, when this came up, I thought the inner child in Nthati must come out and play and have fun.”

The Masked Singer South Africa, proudly sponsored by Andolex®, airs S3 (formerly SABC 3) on Saturdays at 18:30. There are rebroadcasts on SABC 1 on Thursdays at 21:00 and on S3 on Fridays at 22:00

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