The school curriculum for 2024 has started. Learners from all walks of life gather at schools. From different religions; Islamic, Christian, Hindu, and so forth. Among these are those who also practice African spirituality – which in some schools and communities has been seen as ungodly, evil, dirty, and taboo.

Self-made millionaire, traditional healer, philanthropist, and Real Housewives Of Johannesburg reality star, Thobekile Mdlalose hopes to help demystify African spirituality, especially at schools and education institutions where some learners and students find themselves having to advance on a spiritual journey.

On 26 January 2024, Thobekile will be making a much-needed visit to Northlands Girls High School in Durban North where she schooled, to speak on African spirituality as there have been a handful of learners who have experienced calling in the presence of other learners at the school. She aims to educate fellow learners on the gift of healing, how to treat those with “a calling” and to remove the stigma of those with the gift of healing.

As a learner who matriculated at the same school, Thobekile feels the obligation to help learners and educators to break the stereotypes around African healing and give back to the community that groomed her.

“People view ubungoma and African spirituality as demonic. That you should not tell others about your gift, or they won’t accept you. That you are satanic Absolutely not true. It’s a gift that brings light and prosperity. The talk is to preach tolerance and acceptance of others’ differences,” Mdlalose says. 

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